The Art & Craft of Matching Fine Wines with Food (Edwin Guilliot)

Edwin Guilliot

In this book, Edwin Guilliot focuses on the aging characteristics of fine wine, and the food pairings that should accompany such wines as they age.

Wine changes its characteristics as it ages, and this should be take into account when pairing food and wine. Edwin Guilliot uses this approach for the first time to match food and wine, and after 20 years of research publishes this new book: “The Art & Craft of Matching Fine Wines with Food“.

Edwin Guilliot: The art of pairing fine wines with foods

Edwin Guilliot wrote this book specially for wine enthusiast who want to learn the art of matching fine wines with appropriate foods.  Wine, according to the author, is made to accompany food, and each enhances the other.

This book proposes itself as a guide to quickly finding the right food match for a given wine, through a convenient, methodical way to achieve winning wine food pairings, addressing also pitfalls to avoid.

In the second part of the book, Edwin Guilliot examines over 100 wines and “can’t miss wine food experiences.  The author includes an assortment of recipes that goes from Bistro dishes and Cuisine Bourgeois, to Classical Haute Cuisine dishes and Nouvelle Cuisine.

These recipes accentuate the best qualities of each particular wine, bringing out, or magnifying, those qualities in fine wines that are sought by wine enthusiasts. In this enhanced version, Edwin Guilliot included also short videos demonstrating the preparation of the dishes, helping even novice cooks to be able to prepare these wonderful foods.

If you have a special rare bottle of wine and you want to prepare an unforgettable food dish to match it, or do you enjoy cooking elaborate gourmet meals? Or maybe you just need to prepare a dinner and you want to serve it with the proper wine, even if you’ll buy a bottle in the supermarket? Edwin Guilliot wrote this book for all kinds of wine enthusiasts, to help them familiarise with the different types of wines through a proper wine and food pairing methodology.

The Art & Craft of Matching Fine Wines with Food” is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Mac. You can find it on iTunes.

  • Author: Edwin Guilliot
  • Published: Aug 13, 2015 by Guilliot Publishing
  • Print Length: 823 Pages
  • Language: English
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