WSET 2 questions: take our Level 2 test!

Do you think you could pass the WSET 2 qualification? Get a better idea with our quiz below: answer all WSET 2 questions and check your wine knowledge.

NB – questions not taken from official WSET exam papers

1. Sparkling wine from Saumur AC is normally made from this grape
2. What is the South African term for sparkling wine made using the traditional method?
3. In Port production, what is added to fermenting grape juice to fortify the wine?
4. What does Spätlese mean?
5. What is the main grape variety in Sauternes?
6. Why is malolactic fermentation of Chardonnay sometimes used in winemaking?
7. What type of sweet wine is this tasting note for: 'Packed with exotic orange-blossom aromas, it is beautifully sweet, frothy and compelling, with an intriguing blanched almond note on the finish.'
8. What is the classic taste profile for a late harvest Riesling from Mosel, Germany?
9. What does 'Grand Vin' mean on a Bordeaux wine label?
10. Which one of the following is a dry white wine from Burgundy?

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